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Video Poker

To begin with, Video Poker is known to be a gambling game, which combines features of 5-card draw poker and slots. Without any exaggerations, this game is supposed to be the easiest and the simplest gambling game. In fact, it is the most elementary modification of 5-card draw poker with its isolated nature like in slots.

Furthermore, this game doesn't take much time to play. There is one betting round and one draw. Of course, all this explains vividly its simplicity. Besides, it does not include all those four-flushing, tricks and psychological competitions with other players.

Actually, there are a great deal of video poker machines now, which may a little bit differ in rules and payoff schedules. Some of them are Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Multi-play video poker and Jokers Wild. Don't be confused by all this. Basic rules remain always unchangeable and it really does not matter what modification of video poker you choose to play.

Basic Video Poker Rules

Here is a list of some basic rules, which you need to know before playing video poker:

  • Decide what video poker machine you are eager to play on
  • Input some coins or credits, which will determine your bet
  • Hit the button named "Deal" and the cards will be dealt to you. You start to play with these cards, but the situation does not satisfy you, you can make it better
  • Select the cards, which you are eager to hold for the following round. Indeed, any number of cards can be held.
  • Now, hit the "Deal" button one more time. It is quite obvious that you will get new cards instead of those, which you didn't hold in the previous round. The cards, which you have now, are supposed to be your final poker hand
  • Collect the winnings and start again

Video Poker Online

Virtually, rule of video poker remain the same everywhere, video poker online is not an exception. It does not differ much from a casino game. It should be noted that playing this game is an isolated action, unlike roulette, craps or sic bo. So, if you want more interactive game and look for social communication, this game is not really for you.

Usually, random number generators are used in both casino and online version of the game. It means that your cards are designated by the computer software.