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Some Intersting Facts About Blackjack

It is interesting to know that a lot of well-known card games include "Blackjack" in their names. The game itself is supposed to be originated from France. Moreover, blackjack was illegal in USA in the 19th century. Nevertheless, it hasn't fallen into oblivion and now it is believed to be one of the most popular gambling games all over the world.

Besides, to play blackjack you need a card pack consisting of 52 cards. You are always supposed to play against the dealer. As far as the aim of this gambling game is concerned, it is to gain more points than a dealer up to 21.

Blackjack Basic Rules

If you are turned out to have more than 21 points, it means that you lose a game automatically. Such kind of game situation is called a "bust". Also it may happen that you and a dealer have the same quantity of points. It is called "push". In this case, your initial bet is returned to you and a new game is started.

It is important to know that any face card is counted as 10. As far as Ace is concerned, it can be counted whether 11 or 1. The rest of the cards are counted according to the number they have. It should be mentioned that suit is of no importance in this game.

It goes without saying that before a game every player should put a stake. Afterwards, cards are shuffled by a dealer in a proper way and handed out to players. Actually, every player has 2 cards, which are not shown to others.

As for the dealer, he has the so called up card and hole card. Up card is known to be the dealer's card, which is exposed. It means that everybody can see it. On the contrary, hole card is the dealer's unseen card.

Indeed, the dealer's up card is of great importance, as it can help a player immensely to decide what to do next. There are 2 typical cases. If the dealer's up card is 7 or higher and a player has less than 17 points, he should hit until he has 17 or more. If the dealer's up card is 6 or lower, a player has several options. He may whether stand, double down or split.

If a player stands, it means that he skips his turn. When he doubles down, he doubles his bet, gets one more card and it is his final result. To split means to play with 2 hands having an equal bet for each. A player may split if he has 2 cards of the same value (for instance, two Kings or two 7's)

There are also many strategies and tips, which can help you to learn how to play and win in this game.