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Sic Bo

Sic Bo is said to be an entertaining and captivating casino game. This game is believed to originate from China. Usually, it is played with 3 dice. Nowadays, Sic Bo has many adherents in Southeast Asia countries.

This popularity can be explained by a great variety of payouts. The largest payout in this game is 150:1. Besides, it makes no difficulty to learn how to play this game. Many online players prefer playing this game, as it gives an opportunity to win a great amount of money wasting little time.


Furthermore, in Sic Bo unlike Craps, bets can be put on numerous dice combinations. As usual a player tries to predict what will roll out. He may choose whether to put big or small stakes. In addition, a player can put a bet whether on one die, on 2 dice or on all. A player may choose a number or a combination of numbers to bet on.

Instructions How to Play Sic Bo

In addition, it is rather interesting that no tricks can be done in Sic Bo. It is entirely a game of luck. If a player is eager to tempt his fate and participate in Sic Bo, he should select a combination to bet on, put a stake and hit the button "Roll".

After this three dice start to spin. The dice can be put in glass or metal dome. Then they roll for several seconds and stop. Afterwards, results are compared with player's bets. If there are any winning combinations, they are lighted up and money is transferred to the player's account.

In fact, in Sic Bo, it is possible to choose either to start completely a new game or to go on playing with the same bet. There are two different buttons "clear" and "repeat", by means of which a player can make his option. If it happens that a player has pushed the "clear" button by mistake and he is eager to restore everything, he may do it by pressing the "undo" button.

One should remember such a thing: of course, every player can put any bets he likes, but before doing it, it is advisable to get acquainted with the odds for particular combinations.