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Web Privacy Policy

This article gives the cases when the web site requires its member's personal information and provides some advices on protection of personal information.

The cases when the web-site requires your personal information

The web site requires your personal information when you are trying to reach certain parts of the web site, to obtain some special related goods and services. The web site can demand your personal information if you:

  • Perform a registration procedure in order to become a web site member or the user of web site products or services;
  • Voluntarily share your personal information in the process of web site using;
  • Provide it in the web site's public areas (forums, chats etc.).

If you want to gain our web site membership or if you wish to receive the services provided by this web site, you should pass the registration procedure. So we can use your personal information provided to administer and manage your personal account, to provide you with the updates concerning the certain services or products in the framework of our promotion campaign.

As an example, we may send you the certain e-mails from time to time containing the information about your account balance (including the information about increase or decrease of your cash account balance), the technical information, our updated services etc. You could also receive information related to the services and products you have requested. And while you are subscribe to some special service, you will get the mailings and you do not have the option to unsubscribe from them as they directly concern the service being chosen by you.

Our online casino can from time to time hire some other companies to provide special limited services from our name (like providing of the software, processes of payment, verification of identity etc.). So we will provide those companies with all the necessary personal information of our members because this is the important condition to provide you with the requested service.

What can you do to protect your own privacy?

You should remember that your privacy protection starts from you. It is your full responsibility when you maintain any account ID secrecy or choose the password in the registration process. You should also be careful when you disclose any personal information online.

If you would like to update, remove or change your personal information provided on the web site, you can always do it with the help of tools available on the web site. The web site administration saves the right to provide a reasonable fee for providing the copies containing the personal information. In the case if you decided to delete your personal information, you may be prohibited to use certain web site areas and receive certain cervices.

And even in this case the web site still remains the exclusive right to retain your personal information in its files in order to settle certain possible disputes, to meet all the legal and technical requirements concerning security and operation of the web site.